Do small, rural museums hold artifacts and archival documents relevant to studies in Canadian history? Of course they do!  Guests to the Dufferin County Museum & Archives are often quite surprised and amazed by the breadth of items to be found and explored.

Television shows such as “Museum Secrets” have served to heighten public curiosity with regards to items of untold significance and unlikely relevance. The very concept of historical intrigue and investigation is what led to the creation of the Canada Case project.

Students in the Digital Historian Project have been tasked with investigating artifacts and archival documents from the DCMA collections. Four topics were selected based on their history course curriculum. Their inquiries lead them to an interpretation of an item’s local story and contextual history to reveal its “place” in history.

The DHP students went through a three week process to complete this project. They started with some preliminary research and brainstorming to get familiar with their topic. Out of this, they formulated a research plan and summary of their findings. They collected information by studying their artifacts and archival documents up-close and discussing their items with museum staff.

The end goal of this project was to present their information in the form of physical exhibits (displayed in the main gallery of the DCMA) and digital exhibits, which can be found here. To see the digital exhibits, click on one of the topic headings in the menu.